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Queer Archives

of the Bengal Delta

Queer Archives of the Bengal Delta (QABD) is a digital archival organisation run by a group of South Asian academic researchers from Smith College in Massachusetts, USA. It is a community based digital archive that collects, preserves, and shares social and political memories of Bengal Delta queers. Their aim is to build a collective power through community ownership and intellectual engagement with the memories of queer lives.

Keyword formation &

visual board creation

Shortly after the initial brief and the first meeting with the clients, before putting pen to paper ( more like, putting cursor to screen) I outlined a list of keywords. It consisted of a list of both macro aspects that are related with the organisation. Multifaceted aspects that connect with archiving, intellectual engagement, memories, community building, queer identities etc. Alongside I also gathered a list of characteristics that are unique, special and specific to QABD. With the help of these keywords I could then start gathering a group of imagery that provided a good starting point for rough sketches.

Keyword findings:

Gender, Human, Spectrum, Inclusive, Memory, Cherish, Valuable, Important, SafePeaceful Protest, Roots, Subconscious, CradleFragmentation, Trauma, Social Commentary, Awareness, Diverse, Bengal, Delta, South Asia, Brown Community, Ideology, Rainbow, Ancestors, LGBTQ, Digital, Law, System, Problems of system, Culture, Race, Language, Media, Sound, Interview, Strong, Stories, Life, Age, Visible, Well Defined, Young, Immigration, Soul Searching, Identity, Looking inwards, Crisis, Mental Health, Online, Anonymous and many more.

Design Process