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This image/video series focuses on the reality of animals in captivity. It expresses concern of the massive loss of their habitat in the wild and points fingers at human actions. Torn out of their natural habitat, animals are commonly placed in cages for cheap casual entertainment. They are thrown smack in the blinding bustle of humankind and put on display to satisfy the colorful whims of the industrial grind. From circuses and zoos to the personal pet collections of the elite, the reality of these animals remains the same.


In a world where the power of money rules over morality and kindness, I find myself helpless and therefore choose to protest through art. My statement with this image/video series is that the animals are not supposed to be the way they are in captivity. I think it is important to take a step back and notice that the reality of captive animals around us is often made to be deceptive on purpose.

My aim with this series is to unveil captive animals' true state by replicating the stature of their captive space. When all of the images from this series are laid out and presented, it is doubled as how the majority of humankind views animals in captivity. A happy and positive visual narration with refreshing bright colors from afar. However, the horror of it waits only to be discovered by those who take a closer look. 

*The base photographs of each image are taken at the national zoo of one of the world's least habitable cities - Dhaka, Bangladesh. [source]   

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