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Excerpts of soundscapes developed for different art exhibits over the years.

A mouthful of spit, barren land.
00:00 / 06:32

Let all beings be immortal. Let the dead rise.
Let the old come back.
Let there be rain.

In this vulgar world.


A mouthful of spit, barren land,

a chunk of candy and two photographs. 
Let the world be among these things.

Developed for a pop up art show hosted by Ghartera in Bangladesh with support from Goethe Institute Bangladesh.

In the terrains of fear.
00:00 / 04:02

In this day and age and for a long time now, fear is an emotion that encapsulates us in very much all spheres of our lives. The culture of fear flows from the mighty state, corporations, social institutions to religious establishments. It lives through our homes and all the way down to our individual reality. Fear as we know it today, is beyond a survival instinct. It has also become a tool of oppression, control and manipulation – a weapon of the hegemonic bloc. As a result, the emotion itself is as prominent as many of our identities.

Developed in collaboration with artist Junaid Iqbal Ishmam.

Give me a break
00:00 / 01:38

This soundscape and video combination is an ongoing experimental reaction that depict the fragment of being. It points fingers at the modern culture and its multifold actions. Taking inspiration from both historic and contemporary times of the artist it observes and reflects the dystopian modern world.

Audio Content : 

Mamonia - Ferdous Wahid-Bangladesh

Give Me A Break - 1988 - KitKat Commercial - Michael A Levine - 

Never Gonna Give You Up - 1987 - Rick Astley

Video Content : 

Commercial - Bombay Sweets Bangladesh

News Report - George Bush

Commercial - Uro Cola Bangladesh

News Report - Afghan Bombing

Comedy promo - Bert Kreischer

00:00 / 03:40

“It is a tiring task to keep living when nothingness is all you wish for. Sometimes among all of this numbness, off key but in tune - the act of artmaking arrives as a distraction. Mistaken as peace, a truce is achieved and I stay alive.”

Developed for my solo exhibit Truce-Juddhobiroti in 2020 hosted by Dwip Gallery in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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